paddle adventure course

Sign-up to get your feet wet at Bellingham SeaFeast with an intro-tour of rec boating in our local waters! The Paddle Adventure course will run three sessions on Sunday, September 22nd out of Gate 5 in Squalicum Harbor.

SeaFeast attendees can learn the basics of paddle water sports with a hands-on course! Benefit from the expertise of two local guides; this year, the Paddle Adventure Course is led by Tori Ayres of Dragonfly Kayak Tours and Corey Salas of Zephyr Guiding.

Learn the basics of marine weather and navigation, safety gear and preparation, paddling and boating techniques, and the FUN of being on the water. The first two sessions are for true beginners who have longingly looked out towards Bellingham Bay but haven’t made it out on the water yet. The third is an intermediate session, meant for folks who are familiar but might benefit from a refresher to get out on the water more comfortably and more often! There is space for 10 people per session, and this activity is FREE. Please arrive at Gate 5 in Squalicum Harbor at least ten minutes before your session begins.

To book your spot (space is limited!) please register at the form below. The minimum age to participate is 9 years old, accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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I hereby agree to release and discharge DKT & Zephry Guiding on behalf of myself, my spouse/partner, my children, my heirs, assigns, any personal representatives and my estate as follows: I acknowledge that all sea kayaking activities involve risks, known and unanticipated, which could result in physical or emotional injury, death, or damage to myself, property, or third parties; can be physically demanding; that such risks simply cannot be eliminated without jeopardizing the essential qualities of the activities; that I am familiar with the risks involved; that such risks include but are not limited to: weather conditions that may change quickly, including wind, lightning, fog and excessive heat from sun; water conditions that may change quickly, including waves, currents, tides, eddies, whirlpools and cold water temperatures; surf conditions along shore areas; hypothermia (being too cold) and hyperthermia (being too hot); contact with aquatic and land animals, including insects and wildlife, in the water, along the shore or other activity site; rocks or other debris falling from overhanging shore areas; difficult terrain or walking conditions along the shore or other activity site, including mud, rocks, steep slopes, and marine life such as barnacles and sea urchins; salt sores or accidental ingestion of salt water; personal injury or property damage to my equipment or property owned by others due to collision with motorized or non-motorized boats (including other kayaks, paddles and equipment) and their wakes, and with natural or man-made objects in the water such as trees and rocks or reefs, piers, buoys, driftwood and other debris or salt water immersion; entrapment or being crushed while in a kayak; muscular or skeletal injury, dislocation or strain due to physical exertion, especially in the wrist, shoulder and back; improper first aid, emergency treatment or other attempted rescue services, and the unavailability of life saving services or immediate medical attention in the case of injury; my own physical condition and my own acts or omissions including my level of kayaking experience and expertise; the consumption of tainted food or drink during the trip; falling, capsizing or being flipped into the water (either intentionally or unintentionally); my own and other participants’ attempts to exceed kayaking skills and/or kayaking in a reckless manner; my own failure or that of the other participants to follow the safety guidelines and other instructions of DKT and/or Zephyr Guiding staff, including always wearing shoes and a personal floatation device (PFD); improper use of equipment; vehicular or pedestrian accident while being transported or walking to or from activity sites. Furthermore, DKT and/or Zephyr Guiding instructors and staff have difficult tasks to perform. They emphasize safety and safe practices at all times, but they are not infallible. They may not be aware of a participant’s fitness or abilities, misjudge weather, water conditions or other factors. They may give inadequate warnings or instructions, and equipment malfunction can occur. 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