Commercial Fishing Fun

Saturday, Sept. 22 | Squalicum Harbor & Zuanich Point Park

Bring all family members and friends to meet commercial fishing teams in action. You'll experience up close the workings of many active vessels. Visit the Squalicum Harbor working Sawtooth Dock for:

  • Hands-on displays and interactions with fishing families who live and toil aboard their vessels.
  •  Purse seine, gillnet, troller, trawler, and tenders -- learn from these pros the difference in all the state-of the-art, seafood harvesting boats.
  • Gain insight into the skills and dedication that bring our fish and other seafood from the sea to your plate.
  • Witness amazing skill, grace, and speed in demonstrations of net-mending, knot-tying, and filleting fish.

Rally a team of 4 together, stick your feet into Xtratuf boots – the go-to footwear of fishermen – and trudge together across a field aboard 2 wooden slats in a relay. No skill required – just teamwork. And a “Go-for-it!” From the Xtratuf Stomp to the Herring Toss to the Name the Fish activities, Zuanich Point Park offers competition. Warning: Avoid if you're allergic to Fun.