2017 Education Booth Guidelines

[Download the Education Booth Guidelines PDF]


Aug. 11: Application Deadline (EXTENDED)                                 
Aug. 11: Notifications emailed
Aug. 28: Notification Packet (load-in/parking, etc.) emailed
Sept. 23: Bellingham SeaFeast 2017, Squalicum Harbor & Zuanich Point Park

Application Deadline
Register by Aug. 1, 2017 online.

Combination Booths:                 
Two groups may share one booth space: Clear signage is required to identify each group.

No Booth Fee.

Bellingham SeaFeast planners expect 10,000 people this year. We expect Education Vendors to plan accordingly with supplies and staffing to accommodate the crowd.

Exhibit Requirements:

  • You must  provide:
    • Tent (10x10 canopy)-
      •  “Pop-up” style or similar in good condition. Absolutely no tarps or makeshift tents allowed.
      • Tethering /Weighting of your tent/canopy is essential due to the winds at the Harbor.  Contact Festival Management Team for specifics.
      • No staking is allowed. Port of Bellingham recommends using water weights. Cement Blocks also work, but experience tells us you will need more weight than you think.
      • Keep at least 1 foot between each tent.  You cannot tie tents together.
    • Tables, chairs, dollies, etc. to set-up/tear-down and display goods.
  • Water:  Available inside The Boathouse for fill-ups.  All disposal of water needs to be in the Boathouse, as well.
  • Composting & Recycling: Bellingham SeaFeast is a “Towards Zero Waste Event”. For information, see attached TZW Agreement and sign it.  You will receive details in the Notifaction Packet email Aug. 28.
  • We request that you stay within your booth space – no side awnings, walkways, etc.

Electricity:  Unavailable for Education Booths.  If you absolutely require electricity for your display,   you must note that on your registration form.

Hours of Operation

  • Bellingham SeaFeast 2017 takes place Saturday, Sept. 23, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Booths must close promptly at 6 p.m.
  • If you need to leave before 6 p.m., you must wait until the festival closes to begin taking down the booth. No vehicles and/or trailers can enter the festival area until 6:10 p.m.
  • Specifics regarding set-p times, parking (provided) for vendor vehicles, take-down, etc., will be emailed Aug 28 as part of the Notification Packet.

Food Operation:

  • We request that you refrain from distribution of food of any kind. However, if you plan to distribute food items, you must acquire a permit from the Whatcom County Health Department (360-778-6000.  The type of food you prepare determines the type of permit you need.  See http://wa-whatcomcounty.civicplus.com/DocumentCenter/View/5193
  • Absolutely no items in glass containers.

The APPLICANT shall indemnify and hold Bellingham SeaFeast , CITY OF BELLINGHAM, PORT OF BELLINGHAM and its agents, employees and/or officers, harmless from and shall process and defend at its own expense any and all claims, demands, suits, at law or equity, actions, penalties, loss, damages, or costs, of whatsoever kind or nature, brought againstthe BELLINGHAM SEAFEAST, CITY OF BELLINGHAM, and PORT OF BELLINGHAM arising out of, or in connection with, or incident to, the execution of this Agreement and/or APPLICANT’S performance or failure to perform any aspect of this Agreement;  provided, however, that if such claims are caused by, or result from, the concurrent negligence of the BELLINGHAM SEAFEAST, CITY OF BELLINGHAM or PORT OF BELLINGHAM, its agents, employees, and/or officers, this indemnity provisions shall be valid and enforceable only to the extent of the negligence of the APPLICANT; and provided further, that nothing herein shall require the APPLICANT to hold harmless or defend the BELLINGHAM SEAFEAST, CITY OF BELLINGHAM, and PORT OF BELLINGHAM, its agents, employees, and/or officers for damages or loss caused by the BELLINGHAM SEAFEAST, CITY OF BELLINGHAM, or PORT OF BELLINGHAM sole negligence. 

The APPLICANT expressly agrees that the indemnification provided herein constitutes the contractor’s waiver of immunity under Title 51 R.C.W., for the purposes of this Agreement.  This waiver has been mutually negotiated by the parties.  The provisions of this section shall survive the expiration or termination of this Agreement.

Interactive Exhibit: 
To support the mission and goals of Bellingham SeaFeast 2017 are met, please develop Interactive Displays and Activities for attendees who visit your booth. 

To assist with participation at the Education Vendor Booths, a Passport Program will be implemented. The Passport Program requires that each Booth develop an activity or question for attendees to complete/answer. 

How the Passport program works:

  • Attendees will:
    • Present a two-sided card with each Education Booth name appearing in a square on the card.
    • Receive a stamp on their passport at each booth they visit and complete the activity or answer the question.
    • When the Passport is filled with at least 10 stamps, the attendees may take their Passport to a registration booth and claim a prize.
  • Prize incentives will be significant enough to motivate participants to complete the Passport Activity/Question and collect a stamp on the corresponding square.

See examples of easy interactive activities at  https://www.pinterest.com/explore/fish-crafts/.  Other possibilities:

  • Fish-prints (Gyotaku) We have all the supplies for this very popular activity.  See  Pete@bellinghamseafeast.com for supplies and instructions.
  • Coloring/painting/stampingsheets or bookmarks,
  • Making fish hats/kites/puppets/wind chimes, etc.  
  • “Go Fish” type of activity with a fishing pole and with small prizes,
  • Creative writing (poems or stories),
  • Pictures with Costumed Staff (fish & crab!) – contact (pete@bellinghamseafeast.com) – either Polaroid or digital
  •  Making customized bags to transport their goodies from B’ham SeaFeast
  • T-shirts – printing/drawing
  •  Karaoke /Sing-a-long to family-friendly appropriate songs
  •  Additional examples might be water quality pledges, oysters in a tank demonstrating their quick clean-up/filter power, etc. 

NOTE: To assure interactive activities at the Education booths, the booth that is judged to be the most interactive will earn a prize (to be determined).

Location of Booths:

  • All Education Booths will be located on South Harbor Loop near each other to encourage completion of the Passport.  Details will be in the Notification Packet emailed Sept. 1. 


  • You will supply information about any materials you distribute.
  • Bellingham SeaFeast reserves the right to close any booth for not adhering to regulations. 
  • No items allowed for sale from the Education Booths. If you want to sell merchandise, please see register with General Vendor Guidelines and Application.


  • No alcoholic beverages, loud music, televisions or ‘hawking’ are allowed within or in the vicinity of your booth.
  • Bellingham SeaFeast name, logo, and theme are trademarked.  Any use must be pre-approved by the Bellingham SeaFeast Management.


  • Booth structure and contents, including inventory, are the sole responsibility of the Education Booth Staff.  Bellingham SeaFeast, City of Bellingham, and the Port of Bellingham do not assume any responsibility for injury to persons, loss or damage to any property of the Vendors, including theft, accidents or acts of God.

Set-Up & Take-Down

  • We will advise you of the load-in time after accepting your registration. You will begin setting up early on Saturday morning, Sept. 23. Set-up must be complete, and vehicles must be removed from the street by 10:30 a.m.  Booths must be set up and open for business by 11 a.m. Late arrivals must walk in all supplies. Load-out begins after 6 p.m.  
  • All booths, vehicles, and vendor debris must be removed from the Festival grounds by 8 p.m. after the event closes.  If your booth area remains unclean after the end of the Festival, you will incur a $100 fee for booth cleanup.