Poetry, Prose, and Songs of the Sea 

Deadline for FisherPoets & Filmmakers has been extended - join us!

SeaFeast includes celebration and performance of FisherPoetry, known here as the FisherPoets-on-Bellingham-Bay. We will fill some of our local venues on Saturday, September 21st, inspired by the traditions of the original Astoria FisherPoets Gathering, which celebrates commercial fishing through poetry and song.

Commercial fishing folks, lovers of the sea, families, and friends—come one, come all to celebrate Bellingham’s maritime culture through the arts. Performers can find more information about how to perform below.

We will also be hosting a film portion of the weekend, and invite filmmakers to submit maritime-inspired work at the bottom of this page.

FisherPoets-on-Bellingham-Bay Guidelines

If you are at home on the water and/or find inspirations there that fuel your art, we invite you to present. Filmmakers need not be present to submit a film and can find more information at the bottom of this page.

If you’ve presented previously as part of FisherPoets-on-Bellingham Bay and are able to join us, please go ahead and register right now!

For anyone new on the scene, or who works best in a different ocean-inspired medium, please read this page and prepare to include samples of your work in the registration below so our organizers can make sure your work fits with the tradition of FisherPoets.

Acceptance of participation will occur on a rolling basis and no later than August 23rd. Those with unknown fishing schedules, we understand! Please register if you think you might make it and keep us up to date on the end of your season, as best you can.

Important Dates:
Thursday, August 15th: Final Registration Deadline
Saturday, September 21st: FisherPoets-on-Bellingham-Bay!

FisherPoets-on-Bellingham-Bay will take place on Saturday night September 21, 2019 at venues throughout downtown Bellingham. Performances will begin at 5pm and carry-on into the not-so-wee-but-likely-late hours. Our venues will close it up no later than 11pm. Our hope is that Saturday evening performances will allow FisherPoets from throughout the Pacific Northwest to more easily join us.


Anyone interested in sharing an original work about their adventures on the water are invited to give it go. FisherPoets-on-Bellingham-Bay will focus specifically on celebrating commercial fishing through poetry and song. Filmmakers, please see your invitation & guidelines below. Visual artists, you are welcome to apply to be an Art Vendor at the SeaFeast Wharf here. If you are in a band and would like to also apply to play on our Main Stage at Zuanich Point Park Saturday or Sunday, you can do so here. For more information or ideas on this, please feel free to contact


For a taste of the type of content we’re looking for, take a look around the original FisherPoets Gathering in Astoria, Oregon and their archive of original works, In the Tote. Or, look up! Look around! Bellingham is already full of water-inspired art, performances, films, stories.


Because some venues welcome families, we ask that if you choose to present before 9 p.m. that you keep your content family-friendly. After 9 p.m., you can get salty. Please note that Bellingham SeaFeast does not endorse views expressed during performances.


15 minutes is allotted for performances. The emcee will hold you to that timeline in order to allow for introductions and smooth transitions between performances.


To assist with travel expenses and support the lives of artists, we provide small stipends, graduated on the distance performers travel to join us. We will do our best to be fair with our earnings and timely following the event. There is no charge for presenters to attend performances. 

Early registration helps us plan our venues accordingly. We ask that if you have performed previously at any FisherPoets event, please register below anyway. If you have not yet performed at any FisherPoets celebration, please be sure to include a sample of your work (or link to one) in the registration. Longtime FisherPoets, please contact Elma if you’d like to emcee!

Please prepare to complete the application IN FULL as there is no “Save” option. Refreshing the page may require you to begin again.

Bellingham seafeast film showcase

Guidelines for Maritime Films

Bellingham SeaFeast invites filmmakers to participate in the celebration of our maritime culture through the arts. FisherPoets-on-Bellingham-Bay readings will take place on Saturday evening September 21, 2019 in venues throughout downtown Bellingham beginning at 5pm. Films will be screened on their own on Friday, September 20, 2019 at the Pickford Film Center.

Important Dates:

Wednesday, July 31st: Final Registration Deadline

Saturday, August 10th: Acceptance Notifications sent by this date

Thursday, August 15th: If accepted, final files due to

Friday, September 20th: Bellingham SeaFeast Film Showcase at Pickford Film Center


We invite filmmakers to share an original work of art about their adventures on the water. Films focused on maritime and commercial fishing industries, especially related to the Salish Sea, will be given priority. Artists who submitted last year are welcome to submit again, so long as the content is new to Bellingham SeaFeast. Films must be appropriate for all-ages. Filmmakers need not be present for the showing.


For a taste of what we’re looking for, check out our list of films screened in 2018. Submit your GoPro edits, crew member profiles, or a conservation story. We’re interested in showing a variety of perspectives!


We encourage film submissions that are a variety of lengths— but not exceeding 90 minutes—so we can keep programming diverse.


If you will join us for the screening of your work, be sure to let us know to expect you. We will also have a small stipend for those who make the trip to Bellingham. To assist with travel and expenses and to support the lives of artists, we provide performer stipends, graduated by the distance performers have traveled to join us. We will do our best to be fair with our earnings and timely following the event. There is no charge for FisherPoets or Filmmakers to attend performances. 

Early submission is encouraged. To submit your work for consideration, please send a YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox or Google Drive link to with “SeaFeast Film Submission” in the subject line and a note on whether or not you plan to join us on September 20, 2019.

Thank you for sharing your work with us and our attendees!