Bellingham SeaFeast 2018
Legacies & Soul of Bellingham’s Waterfront

Applications are now closed for SeaFeast 2018. We appreciate your interest in getting involved. Please stay tuned for announcements about joining us in 2019.

Deadline: June 15

Bellingham SeaFeast 2018 wants your nominations for the annual Legacy and Soul of Bellingham’s Waterfront awards. Our selection committee will select families or individuals to receive the Soul of Bellingham’s Waterfront recognition, and one family or company as recipient of the Legacy of Bellingham’s Waterfront award.

What is the Legacy and Soul Award of Bellingham’s Waterfront?
These annual honors go to individuals and families who have worked in, on, or around our waterfront for many years, often generations.

Why honor our own people?
As we celebrate our waterfront, we recognize that we have maritime industry individuals, families, and companies right here in Bellingham who have made extraordinary contributions worthy of celebrity status. We proudly showcase them and their stories, and present them on stage at Bellingham SeaFeast.

How does this program work?
Bellingham SeaFeast 2018 planners will select from all nominations to honor (a.) several individuals or families for the Soul Award for their outstanding professional contributions during the last year or longer, and (b.) one family or company for the Legacy Award based on longtime and lasting impact on the local maritime industry. Through publicity in traditional and social media, we offer our community insight and appreciation for the pride and dedication these honorees have demonstrated.

Who is eligible?
The nominees to receive consideration must have participated in commercial fishing or waterfront industries during at least 2017 to the present (Soul), or over a significant period of time (Legacy). We require that they attend or have representation during Bellingham SeaFeast 2018 to receive the awards.

When does this happen?
The Bellingham SeaFeast 2018 selection panel will make and publicly announce selections during Summer 2018. The honorees will receive special recognition and awards during activities at Bellingham SeaFeast on Saturday, Sept. 22.