Legacy & Soul of Bellingham BAy AWards

Bellingham SeaFeast is now accepting nominations for the 2019 Legacy and Soul of Bellingham Bay awards. Each year, Bellingham SeaFeast recognizes both families and individuals for their hard work and commitment to our unique waterfront.

Nomination Deadline: May 15, 2019

What are the Legacy and Soul of Bellingham Bay Awards?

These annual honors go to individuals and families who have worked in, on, or around our waterfront for many years, often generations. We cannot join together to celebrate our waterfront without celebrating the people who are spending, or who have spent, their lives there. Each September, we proudly award both families and individuals, who have showed lasting dedication to our waterfront, with the Legacy and Soul of Bellingham Bay Awards. Through this aspect of our weekend festival, we share appreciation for the award winners in order to best tell the story of our waterfront and share the Salish Sea’s rich maritime culture and heritage.

How does this program work?

Bellingham SeaFeast will select from your nominations:

(a.) up to 4 individuals or families for the Soul Award - recognizing their outstanding professional contributions during the past year or longer

(b.) one family or company for the Legacy Award based on longtime and lasting impact on the local maritime industry.

Our selection committee is made of up past recipients of the Soul and Legacy awards, as well as Bellingham SeaFeast staff.

Who is eligible?

Nominees must have participated in commercial fishing and/or waterfront industries within the past five years (Soul), or over a significant period of time, multiple decades (Legacy). We require that they attend or have representation during Bellingham SeaFeast 2019-- September 21 & 22--to receive the awards.

When does this happen?

The Bellingham SeaFeast 2019 selection committee will make and publicly announce selections at the beginning of summer 2019. The honorees will receive special recognition and awards during activities at Bellingham SeaFeast on Saturday, September 21.

To read about our 2018 winners, please click here.


1.     Please complete the Nomination Form below before May 15, 2019.

2.     Selections and announcements will be made in June 2019.

Any further questions can be directed to info@bellinghamseafeast.com Thank you for helping us celebrate our rich maritime culture & heritage!

2019 Legacy & Soul Award Nomination Form

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Soul Award: up to 4 individuals or families celebrated for their outstanding professional contributions during the past year or longer Legacy Award: one family or company based on longtime and lasting impact on the local maritime industry
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