SeaFeast Wharf: 5 qualities that make our vendors stellar


One of the many things that makes SeaFeast so special is over 100 vendors who pack up their goods and setup shop along SeaFeast Wharf. This is a great place to meet not only fishing and maritime related businesses, but other fun discoveries for the family. Check out why our vendors are so great and why you should take the time to meet them!

1. Creative Booths

Who knew there was so much cool stuff waiting to be discovered at Bellingham SeaFeast? Our vendors show up with a little something for everyone! Kelp salsa? Yep! Glitter?? We’ve got it. Locally made hot sauce? Without a doubt. Be sure to peruse the vendor area and check out all of the unique local offerings.


2. Attitude & Grit

It’s the Pacific Northwest—sometimes it rains, sometimes it shines. But, rain, or shine (or rain and wind!) our SeaFeast vendors have exceptionally great attitudes when it comes to showcasing their company or organization at Bellingham SeaFeast. When everyone remembers their raincoats and tent weights, we all have a great time! (hint, hint for all you vendors) ;)


3. Engagement

Our vendors provide festival attendees with a chance to get their hands on local products--and even experience local marine life--in ways never imagined! For example, the touch tank below is a great way for kiddos to get to know the marine life around them.


4. Always Smilin’

We dare you to try and find one SeaFeast vendor that doesn’t have a big ol’ beaming smile on. Vendors are excited to share their product and are happy to serve the thousands of attendees who come to the shores of Bellingham Bay. Where else can you find that kind of happiness?

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5 . Commitment

Our Bellingham SeaFeast vendors are committed to sharing their story and passion whether it’s for local products, community efforts, seafood processing, or maritime trades. No matter which vendors you talk with, you’ll find nothing but heart and soul coming through in their message.


So what are you waiting for? Fill out your vendor application today! Artists, non-profits, agencies, big business, small business—we welcome you. Come join us along SeaFeast Wharf!

Liz Purdy