by Tiarra Beck

Reason #1 - New Friends. 

Think you know your community? Sure you do! But there are always more happy faces out there to meet. Bellingham SeaFeast brings together people from all sectors of our community. SeaFeast lets you meet people from all walks of life--the third-generation commercial fishermen, the recent WWU grad, and the newcomer to town looking to get involved. It gives you the chance to form real relationships that can have a lasting impact on your life while having a blast.


Reason #2 - Learn about your community.

Volunteering is a great way to learn more about where you live. DID YOU KNOW? Whatcom County waterfront industry makes up 7% of our county’s economy! That’s why Bellingham SeaFeast celebrates the rich maritime culture and heritage and thriving working waterfront of Whatcom County. The weekend activities educate volunteers and attendees about conservation of our water resources, commercial fishing and seafood industries, and the culinary bounty of our corner of the Pacific Northwest. So come learn while supporting your community!

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Reason #3 - Make an impact.

Simply stated: the festival wouldn’t happen without you! Make an impact on your community by showing up for others. We know—the house project list before winter is long, and the soccer games fill up autumn weekends. But come spend a few hours contributing to an event that makes Whatcom County shine on the shore of Bellingham Bay.

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Reason #4 - Get Cool Stuff!

Not that you need a reward, but a few of Bellingham SeaFeast’s sponsors have stepped up to make sure our volunteers are properly thanked! When you volunteer this year with Bellingham SeaFeast, you’ll get coupons to enjoy a freebie or discount from some of our favorite partners: Anthony’s Restaurants, Ivar’s Seafood Bar, Rub with Love by Tom Douglas Restaurants, and even a chance to take a jaunt north to B.C. at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery. Don’t miss the goodies waiting for you!

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Emily Mueller