2019 Education & outreach

vendor guidelines 

Ed & Outreach starfish

Important Dates:

July 1: Application Deadline  

August 30: Confirmation Packet (load-in/parking, etc.) emailed

September 21: Ed & Outreach Vendors at Bellingham SeaFeast 2019!

You will be notified of acceptance within one week of the deadline.

Booth Fee:

$50 for each 10 X 10 booth.  


Outreach and Education booth vendors must be one of the following:

  • registered non-profit

  • government-funded agency

  • community group

  • educational institution

If you are not one of the above types of groups, please see the Commercial Vendor page or contact info@bellinghamseafeast.com for more information. We expect these booths to be educational in nature and thus require an interactive component. Education & Outreach participants will receive an ink pad and stamp for the day in order to participate in the Passport Activity – please plan an activity for attendees to earn a stamp at your booth!

The Passport Program:

All materials for the Passport activity (passports, stamps, pads, etc.) will be provided by SeaFeast organizers. SeaFeast Attendees will:

  • Present a “Passport” card with each Education Booth name appearing in a square on the card.

  • Complete an activity or answer the question at each booth and receive a stamp on their passport for this booth’s activity.

  • When the Passport is filled with at least 10 stamps, the attendees may take their Passport to a central booth and claim a prize.

  • Prize incentives will be significant enough to motivate participants to complete the Passport Activity/Question and collect a stamp on the corresponding square.

Possible interactive/participatory activities include things like crafting fish hats, Gyotaku fish-prints, “Go Fish” type of activity with a fishing pole, etc. If necessary, please contact us for ideas or any questions at info@bellinghamseafeast.com.  


Education & Outreach booths will be grouped together to encourage completion of the Passport. Two groups may share one booth space with an additional charge of $25: clear signage is required to identify each group. Please stay within your booth space – no side awnings, walkways, etc. are allowed.


Education & Outreach booths will only be open on Saturday, September 21, 2019.

Bellingham SeaFeast 2019 expects attendance of 10,000 - 12,000 people over the two days. You will be provided a clicker to help us count those who visit your booths. Please plan to accommodate up to 8,000 attendees for Saturday, September 21st.

Saturday’s festival will be open from 10am to 8pm; booths are expected to remain open until 6pm on Saturday. The main-stage music and beer garden will close at 8pm.

NO vehicles and trailers will be allowed in the vendor area after 9:30am both days, and until 6:10 pm Saturday. Therefore, late arrivals must walk in with supplies.

All booths, vehicles, and vendor debris must be removed from the Festival grounds by 8pm on Saturday, September 22. If booth area is left unclean, we will charge the vendor a $100 Booth Clean-Up Fee.

Parking specifics will be mailed/emailed in the Confirmation Packet.

Electricity & Internet:

Electric power hookups are very limited and require an additional fee of $25 for Outreach and Education Vendors. Personal power sources, such as noisy generators, are prohibited. However, portable solar panels are allowed. If your booth requires power, it must be marked it on your application. Bellingham SeaFeast does not guarantee access to a WiFi network; cellular hotspots are your best bet.


All vendors must provide their own:

  • Tent (10x10): “Pop-up” style or similar, in good condition. Absolutely no tarps or makeshift tents.

  • Tent anchors (cinder blocks or water weights): Anchoring your tent is absolutely essential and required due to possible wind in the harbor. Bellingham SeaFeast requires no less than two cinderblocks (or water weight equivalent) on each corner, attached with two zipties each or sturdy chord. No staking is allowed. Cinder blocks are not provided by Bellingham SeaFeast. Never tie two tents together. Keep at least 1 foot between each tent.

  • Tables, chairs, dollies, etc. to set up/tear down and display goods.

Tents may not be set up Friday before the festival due to the possibility of damaging wind. Set-up begins at 6am Saturday and closes (no cars through SeaFeast Wharf) at 9:30am. Education & Outreach vendors are expected to completely breakdown their booths by the end of Saturday’s festival (8pm).

There will be overnight security at the event, but Education & Outreach vendors are expected to completely breakdown their booths by the end of Saturday’s festival (8pm). Booth structure and contents, including inventory, are your sole responsibility. Bellingham SeaFeast 2019, City of Bellingham, Whatcom County, and Port of Bellingham assume no responsibility for injury to persons, or loss or damage to any property of the Vendor, including theft, accident, or acts of God.

We request that you refrain from distribution of food of any kind in the Education & Outreach Booths.

Absolutely no items in glass containers.

If necessary, please dispose of all water in the permanent public restrooms (not temporary toilets placed for the event). Absolutely no dumping into the Bay.

No items for sale allowed in the Education Booths. If you want to sell merchandise, please apply as a Commercial Vendor here.

You may not accept monetary donations onsite. However, you may gather contact information or distribute “response forms/envelopes” to encourage donations (online or mailed-in).

No alcoholic beverages, loud music, televisions or ‘hawking’ are allowed within or in the vicinity of your booth.

Bellingham SeaFeast reserves the right to close any booth for not adhering to regulations or to restrict any activities that interfere with public access and/or event programming.

You may not advertise outside of your booth space, including use of rovers, flyers, or sandwich boards.

Handwritten signs are not allowed.

Only the booth name, as stated on the application, is allowed on the booth signage.

“Toward Zero Waste”:

Bellingham SeaFeast is a “Toward Zero Waste Event,” meaning we strive to send 0% to landfills following the event. You will receive more details in the Confirmation Packet, but plan to avoid one-use bags, packaging, or plastic items.

Click the black "Apply to be an Education & Outreach Vendor button on this page to begin.  

If you have any outstanding questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team at info@bellinghamseafeast.com. We will do our best to respond in a timely manner. Thank you for considering being a vendor at our fourth annual Bellingham SeaFeast! Sea you in September!