The Servants of the Salish Sea

A Bellingham SeaFeast Sea-to-Plate Film


Enjoy this window into the life of our local legacy fishing and maritime industry. This 6-minute film centers on individuals who dedicate themselves to our regional sea here in Washington and its products each day to feed our community and communities across the world.

Watch your usually unseen masters of commercial fishing and marine trades in action: your neighbors, your family, all who provide you a top quality sea-to-plate experience.

Bellingham SeaFeast commissioned this film with Pollock Pictures to provide a visceral representation of why our event exists. The scenes depict the hands-on labors of love conducted daily by tens of thousands of workers in seafood-related businesses throughout Bellingham and the Northwest. 

Every scene demonstrates the extremely high level of expertise involved in every aspect of harvesting, processing, and distributing the internationally-renowned seafood that has sustained the marine industry in Bellingham and Whatcom County for well over a century. Today the industry employs more than 7,000 – one of the area’s largest job-producing sectors.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who made this film come to life, on screen and behind the scenes. (Individual and organizational credits appear at the end of the film.)

REPRODUCTION OR PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION of The Servants of the Salish Sea for commercial use or other purposes requires written consent from Bellingham SeaFeast. To request use for private or public group showings, please send your request to: Bellingham SeaFeast, 2620 N Harbor Loop Drive, #8 Bellingham, WA 98225.